8 Good Reasons to Choose K-Guard

1. K-Guard gutters eliminate dangerous ladder climbing and cleaning...forever!
We've seen way too many people fall and hurt themselves, some with permanent injuries. K-Guard keeps you off the roof and out of the hospital, so you can lead a happier and healthier life -- doing what you enjoy doing, rather than cleaning your old gutters.

2. K-Guard gutters will never clog... we guarantee it!  Check our guarantee HERE!
K-Guard uses a specially designed, protective hood that prevents leaves and other debris from entering the gutters. And their larger-than-average size allows smaller elements, such as seeds or pine needles, to be easily flushed though the system. For this reason, we are able to offer you a LIFETIME WARRANTY against clogging!

3. K-Guard is the strongest gutter system on the market...
with the industry's most durable installation!
K-Guard gutters are solidly installed against the building's fascia board with patented, industrial strength brackets. This unique mounting procedure ensures that your gutters will never fall off or sag -- no matter how bad the weather. Your roof is unaffected, its warranty is fully protected, and your gutters remain nice and straight.

4. K-Guard gutters keep you dry...protecting your building and increasing its lifespan!
Few people enjoy getting soaked when entering or leaving their home. And even fewer want to deal with a deteriorating foundation or siding. K-Guard's patented gutters are far less expensive! Tiny ridges on the gutter's protective hood help to slow rainfall coming off your roof. The water then drains into a front and rear lip, is flushed through the gutter system, and directed away from your home by K-Guard's larger downspouts.

5. K-Guard's larger, patented 5" wide design handles even the most extreme rainfall! 
K-Guard gutters are made to accommodate nature's harshest weather conditions. Larger than most other gutters, K-Guard's generous 5" (front to back) seamless design handles nearly a gallon of water per foot and maintains a steady water flow through the system.

6. K-Guard's widely preferred, two piece design allows you to replace parts...
saving you money!

Over the years, there's a good chance that your gutters could be dented by hail, fallen branches, or other hazards. For that reason, K-Guard was designed as a two-piece system (a seamless trough and a seamless protective hood) that allows easy replacement of only the damaged sections of your gutter -- at a fraction of the cost of molded one-piece units! K-Guard's detachable hood is then firmly fastened to the dual-purpose K-Guard hanger, never to be pulled loose by weather or wildlife.

7. K-Guard gutters beautifully trim any building...increasing its value! 
K-Guard gutters are engineered to enhance the look of your home. Their larger size and advanced, seamless design adds a neatly finished touch to any building. No costly fascia build-out is required and the system does not change the look of your existing roof. Check out our previous installations and you'll agree that K-Guard is the perfect compliment to any home or business facility!

8. K-Guard gutters are available in a variety of colors.
Few other brands have the wide color selection that K-Guard offers you. Our professionally trained representatives are happy to help you in choosing the perfect match for your home or building.

Take a look at some of our work!

Below are a few photos of the installed K-Guard Gutter Protection System.


K-Guard is available in eleven standard colors. Custom colors are also available. With K-Guard's exclusive color system, several Deluxe Color Match trim lines are available. Whether your home is traditional or modern, brick or stucco, ranch or Tudor, there is a K-Guard Deluxe Color Match system to fit your needs.

Simply the BEST!

Unlike most leaf gutter guards, K-Guard is a completely engineered, fully integrated, leaf-free system. No other gutter system can offer the protection, strength, durability, capacity and attractiveness of our K-Guard gutter system. The K-Guard gutter system is built around our patented, high-strength hangers unlike other rain cover gutters. The lifespan of the K-Guard system is practically unlimited. Because our gutters are a full 5-inches wide, our system is able to drain more water than other, smaller gutters and leaf gutter guards. In contrast to the sharp corners and vertical faces of most rain gutter systems, the smooth, curved appearance of K-Guard complements and adds beauty to your home. K-Guard's patented and professionally installed leaf free gutter guard protection system is so effective at keeping leaves and debris out of your gutters, it's guaranteed to remain clog-free for life unlike those other gutter covers and leaf guards on the market - so cleaning out gutters will never be a part of your life. Browse our website to learn how K-Guard works so much better than those other gutter cover products out there. 

For a free estimate and to learn more about having a K-Guard leaf-free gutters system installed by Anderson Specialty Gutters, L.L.C. installed on your home, call us today at 330-533-6743.


Paul and Nancy Anderson began their own home improvement business in 1966 and began specializing in K-Guard Gutter Protection Systems in 1987. Serving the community for nearly 50 years, they have now passed their business on to the next generation. Their son-in-law, Doug Weingart, has taken over Anderson Specialty Gutters but is keeping the business name as well as the tradition of excellence.  Carrying on the family tradition, we will be happy to meet with you in your home, show you how the K-Guard system works and give you a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you!

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